Lotus Flower – Hoa sen

As our snapshot of Vietnam Near Years ends – I wanted to mention the Country’s National Flower – The Lotus Flower or Hoa sen.   For all of us (I hope) flowers are a sense of wonderment, joy and maybe sorrow for what they make you remeber. In Vietnam flowers are viewed differently based on their color and type. For this reason, you can find lotus-like designs everywhere, from art and fashion to architecture and literature.

One fun fact to know about Lotus flowers is that they close up and sink underwater at the same time at night but will bloom with bright colors at dawn. Hence, they are known as the flower of dawn. It is found in all the murky pond regions of Vietnam and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers you can see for yourself in the cultural land. 

The color of the flower has different meanings: White means purity and freshness; Pink signifies devotion to Buddha and Blue means wisdom, logic and sagacity (?). Pretty neat stuff; always intersting how other cultures view the same flower that we see. 

“Vẻ đẹp của MA không thua kém hoa sen tinh khiết nhất.”