Estate Maintenance & Landscaping Horticulture Team

Our Estate Maintenance and landscaping horticulture team is the sounding voice for our gardening inspiration. DTGG knows and understands the growth patterns, life cycles, and intricacies of all trees and plants. Your commercial or residential estate property is assigned an Expert Gardener that will provide you with the utmost level of professional grounds service. The Expert Gardener’s highest attention to detail and expertise will ensure that your landscape investment remains thriving and intact by maintaining your lush, beautiful garden landscape year after year.

DTGG makes a proactive effort to develop and evolve your garden as it matures, by offering enhancement ideas that will complement the initial landscaping vision. DTGG Landscaping Tampa is an expert in pruning, color, maintenance, and lawn and garden health. We will lend year-round, professional advice/recommendations for any landscaping or garden masterpiece.


We Specialize In:

  • Outdoor Landscape Installation and Maintenance
  • Landscaping Consultations and Gardening Advice
  • Lawn Mowing, Edging, and Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Property, Estate, Business Enhancements
  • Seasonal and Annual Landscape Color Changes
  • Irrigation and Water Management
  • Property Enhancements (personal, increase property value)
  • Mulch Installation
  • Landscape Lighting and Maintenance
  • Home Vegetable Gardens
  • Container Gardening


Our team of landscape experts are trained and ready to provide you with the most upscale design concepts for your new or old landscape project


While our Landscape Experts are designing your gardens, we will be honest, respectful and informative. From creation to rehabilitation, DTGG Landscaping will AMAZE and INSPIRE.


Save yourself the headache and back ache of measuring, hauling, pruning, and trimming. From residential estate designs to water drainage solutions, DTGG has you covered.


DTGG makes a proactive effort to develop and evolve your garden as it matures, by offering enhancement ideas that will compliment the initial landscaping vision


We primarily utilize French and zipper drains to handle drainage issues, and also install downspout diversions to funnel water coming from gutters and downspouts far away from a home’s foundation.


Flower-filled containers are a great way to add a welcoming touch to your door, perk up a patio, add brighten up a balcony or deck. Special Holiday containers add a festive look to your home too!