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Finally, I’m starting the Plant of The Week Series. Me and every other landscape/garden blogger in the world. Oh well, hopefully this information can help you choose plants wisely for your yard. I do promise to tell you the truth about the plant/shrub.  Where it works best in the yard, some of the plants characterictics and how to take care of it.


                                                          Lets Get Started – 

       First Up – Liriope “Emerald Goddess”. For those sticklers – Botanical Name –

            Liriope muscari ‘Emerald Goddess’   

Emerald Goddess Liriope makes a great ground cover. One of the best you can find.  It has pretty green leaves; gets a nice purple flower spike in mid-summer.  Grows to about 20″ tall and stays in a nice clump.  Mature height: 18″-24″; Clumping: 30″ . No pests or disease to speak of.

Great for  border plantings along walkways, the front of landscape beds or a mass planting. To keep the Liriope looking good they need to be pruned every 2 yers.  Cut them down to about 8″ tall; run a metal tine leaf rake through them to clean out the leaves; and they should look great.  If they get too big you can dig them up and divide them – similar to tubers.

Fertilize them 3-4 times per eyar.  I recomend a 8-2-12-4; slow release.  Follow the directons for the application volume and rate. 

                               We did it the first Plant of The Week Post!!!!! 






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