Raised Gardening Beds

Raised Garden Beds and Voluntering  – Great Combination! Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to participate at a volunter day for The Joshua House.  There were over 150 volunteers from Car Max.  They came from all parts of the Southeast. The event was planned, organized and run with perfection by Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (the best!!)  The projects all involved beutifying the Joshua House campus.  They ranged from throwing mulch, building raised beds, building hydropinic towers and lastly assembling the most amazing chicken coop I have ever seen. Three (3) stories with a lake front view – oh to be a chicken.

I was a Team Leader (orange team) We were tasked with building/assmbling four (4) raised garden beds. The beds are manufactured by roost&roothttps://roostandroot.com/product-category/raised-garden-beds/ out of Dripping Springs, TX. I had never worked with this manufacturer before. The beds were gorgeous. The wooden portions are all cedar (smells great when building them) the sides have food grade HDPE inserts.  Easy to assemble – only need 1/2″ ratchet wrench.  All of hardware is included.  The only thing you will need is landscape fabric for the bottom of the bed. The dimensions of the beds are: 24″ w x 47″ l x 14 1/2 ” deep.  They hold 7.5 cu. ft. of soil.  Thats 5 bags for those of us who are math challenged. We built the beds, again very easy, loaded with soil and planted a full palate of annuals. Turnd out really nice; volunteers were great and had a real feeling of accomplishment. 

The beds cost $184 plus tax and delivery. After soil and planting probably have about $250 in the beds.  The cost of the bed(s) are a sunk cost; so next years cost is  for soil and plants. If you want to use multiple beds you can keep them seperate or connect them.  If you are thinking of doing raised beds it’s worth the investment of at least one bed.  Remember – use soil designed ONLY for raised beds. Do not use garden bed soil fron your yard.  That will be D.O.A. your veggies and plants.  More on that later.  I like the brand  Black Gold from Ace. I just saw that Black Kow has a raised garden bed soil – I would try that also.  That is at HD and Lowes. The other option is to make your own blend – but why?  Unless you are really into it; just buy the soil and spend your valuable time on important gardening issues.

Lastly and most importantly- When you are a having a sh*t day and you think the world is beating you into the ground and you will never get up again – take 1 minute and think about tke kids at Joshua House.https://www.friendsofjoshuahouse.org/      



These kids have been abonded, neglected, abused, trafficked, the most horrible things that one human being can do to another – and they come back every day stronger than yesterday. Life sucks but sometimes it sucks more for others than for us – if you have 1 minute say a prayer for them and the folks that run the Joshua House – ask that they always have the courage to move forward in spite of the horrible things that they see daily. And if you some extra $ throw a 5’er there way. They will turn that into a $1,000’s – and you will have done a great thing for someone you will never know. 

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