Vitis vinifera

What the heck is Vitis vinifera? And who cares? If you are a wine drinker you care – Our old buddy “Vitis” or common grape is the grape species used to make wine.  Since this is a blog about all things horticultural wine can slide in and take a seat.  Ok, thats a lie – I love wine (drinking not making – remember leave the hard work to others concentrate on what you like).

I’m not going to re-invent the wheel about wine – I just love it and the history behind it and all of the fun facts.  And it is plant (perenial woody vine) so it fits with the theme.  What I plan to do is present (not review) a wine a week that I have tried over the weekend.  I know tough assingment but someone has to do it? Can I write it off as a business expense? What’s a “write off”; I digress. I’ll do a common man review, where I bought it from, price and a little bit about the winery. So let’s get started.

The first wine of the blog is “Agriculturist Organic Red, NV”.  Produced by Frey Vineyards located in Red Wood Valley, CA . This is an organic red blend wine.  Frey has been an organic and byodynamic winery since 1980. They don’t add sulfites. The wine does contain sulfites, but only naturally occuring from fermentation.  It’s pretty neat they also only use non-gmo yeast for fermentation. We can talk about all that later; or you can find a blog/website who knows what they are talking about. 

The grapes that are blended to make the wine are: Carinera Day, Syrah and Merlot. All from the vinters groves. The wine is a pretty red/purple.  Has a nice medium feel to it.  Not to heavy like a Zin and not too light like a Pinot. Smells pleasant,  nice like the fields and has a smooth inter-action with your mouth on the first few sips (or gulps – no judgement here). It’s a solid week day wine and a will not be emabrrased on a Saturday night.  Also a great gifting wine. It’s reasonably priced, and somewhat unique. Speaking of price a bottle goes for $11.99 at ABC Liquors (only ones who carry it in our area) or $15.99 plus shipping through Frey’s website. Weird right, more expensive directly from the winery.  You should check out their website they have a lot of interesting wines. 

So that is the first review. Not a bad start – Remember the hardest thing to do is get started – after that make all the mistakes you can!!! I have to find out if this software has spel check. Have a great week – donate food if you can!!!

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